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May'n, Pikachu & Cherry Blossoms are coming to Gardens by the bay!

It’s officially Spring! Wave goodbye to the cold winter chills and say hello the season of growth!

Okay, I’m exaggerating. What would a Singaporean girl like me know about seasons - it’s summer all year round here! But ask any Anime fan what symbolises growth and the beginning of a new school term in the world of Anime and Cherry blossoms would no doubt come up. Endless scenes of our favourite characters walking under falling sakura petals with perfectly windblown hair are so classical they are almost synonymous with Anime!

If you can’t afford a ticket to Japan to view the ethereal flower, fret not, Gardens by the Bay is bringing them to you! And it ain’t just the flowers! This year, GBTB is bringing the entire Japan to Singapore!

Okay okay, there I go shooting my mouth off again. Maybe not quite the entire Japan but with it’s Matsuri and slews of activities such as Tea Ceremony demonstrations, Kimono parade, Pikachu Mascot parade, Anisong concerts, Celebrity Cosplayer meet & greet …

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